Wellness Retreats

Visualize yourself standing actively in a beautiful serene calm environment to practice yoga, meditation, fitness, and eating clean. Feel the ocean breeze against your skin as you gaze out at the waves. Imagine yourself eating the local organic fruits and vegetables prepared with artistic flair and see your whole body being rejuvenated. Know in your body that this is possible for you, no matter what state your body is in currently. You can get away from [it] all and reunite back to your true self in peace. Upcoming Wellness Retreats include: California, Hawaii, Ecuador and Bali... *I only teach adults 18 and older. You deserve a gorgeous wellness retreat to reset your spirit and get back to your joy. Call for more details 443-322-4408. 

With Wellness Retreats, Private and Group Teaching and Private Video Coaching with Ann Hyland, You will:

  • Increase relaxation
  • Increase focus 
  • Improve self confidence
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve blood flow
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce anger
  • Learn new skills
  • Lose weight
  • Better sleep
  • Increase productivity
  • Expand creativity
  • Create better eating habits
  • Learn how to eat clean
  • Kick out parasites
  • Clear up your skin
  • Go to the bathroom with ease
  • Experience daily Peace
  • Let Go of your medical labels
  • Discover being well
  • Move beyond where you are
  • Get flexible
  • Feel strong
  • Connect with The Source
  • Meditate and Clear your Mind
  • Get inspired
  • Practice Affirmations
  • Repair and Redirect your Brain
  • Understand your Prosperity
  • Link your Passion
  • See clearly
  • Experience Massive Joy
  • Step into your Ideal Reality 
  • Manifest a Balanced Lifestyle
  • Simplify your life
  • Create order and ease
  • Embrace Minimalism
  • Feel Free
  • Create TIME Freedom
  • Create Financial Independence
  • Do what you Love
  • Share your Love 
  • Help Others

Private and Group Teaching

What are your storing up in your mind? Are you replaying that conversation over and over again? Are you ready to form some better practices and new habits? My "Sparkle Affirmations" and "VisionBoard" "TripleD" techniques to name a few are great daily practices to keep you on track.  *I only teach adults 18 and older. 


What are you specifically complaining about regarding your body? What are you telling yourself that keeps getting delayed in terms of your fitness and health? Get on the Mat. Attend my local group YogaBasics classes appropriate for all levels. *I only teach adults 18 and older. Come as you are and together we will "Breathe. Move. Relax. and LetGo." © The goal for you to attend a group yoga class is to understand the correct alignment of the poses and ultimately for you to develop your own individual yoga/fitness practice that you can practice anywhere, wherever you may be, alterable by you and for you.


What takes your breath away– literally?Learn the art of breathing and meditation as a foundation to create incredible focus in your life with my "Meditate with Me" and "Body Battery", "Reiki" and "EFT" techniques. Expand your meditation with biblical study and practices. Learn the art of meditation privately or in group workshops. *I only teach adults 18 and older. 


Have you hit a slump with your food habits that has created a tire around your middle? Attack your past eating habits in your kitchen or mine and learn how to eat a plant based raw vegan diet. I offer VIP private teaching sessions in person when I travel to your home, office or hotel nationwide. *I only teach adults 18 and older. 

Your home, your office, your car is an extension of you. Does your home support you as a calm inviting sanctuary and place of rest and healing? Are you able to find papers quickly and efficiently in your office? Is your car clean and equipped with all the supplies you need? I help you envision your ideal environments and put it into action. Ask about my "In Your Face, Get it Together” Package.  Call 443-322-4408.


Get inspired from exactly where you are right now and get adjusted during the journey and understand what resources will help you reach your life goals and fitness and wellness goals with more speed. Watch your mind, body, spirit, and eating habits transform. Affirmations and multiple resources are used and referenced.


Are you a survivor? Have you been medically labeled? Are you read to break free from those chains?  Is your body cooperating with you? I have specialized experience in working with sports injuries, car accidents, abuse, traumatic brain injuries, sexual and physical abuse, depression, and blind and visually impaired individuals so that you get the personalized VIP one on one treatment that you deserve. Whateveor you have been told... there is another way to live, beyond your past and beyond your labels. Ask me how.


You can mix and match content to learn what topics intrigue you: yoga, meditation, pilates, dance, fitness, raw vegan plant based eating, aromatherapy, simplifying, organizing and minimalism.


I have studied and taken several life coaching programs and certifications. Many were excellent. Some were brilliant.

If you are interested to experience a 3 Day in person 9am to 5pm nationwide event with intense life coaching immersion, then please send me your name, email and phone number and the best time to reach you and I will make a personal introduction of what you can expect and a link for what you have to do next to get it done for $795.


Yes, I offer intermediate and advanced yoga teacher training. I am in the process of making this teacher training content available as an online library. So please be patient while we upload. Please send me your name, email and phone number and the best time to reach you. If you are local to Baltimore, I teach in person by appointment. If you are nationwide or international, I teach online by appointment with video technology.

Private Life Coaching

I help transform visionaries, entrepreneurs and executives [Men and Women] to "Breathe, Move, Relax and LetGo"© to find peace and calm amidst the waves and to manifest a life of focus and integrity.

Are you ready and committed to move beyond your medical labels, current circumstances, sports injuries, past car accidents and traumatic experiences, sexual, physical and verbal abuse so that you can manifest a life that you love and live your ideal lifestyle starting today by being in the now of this intersection?

Call 443-322-4408.


Everyone likes samples. I am offering a 20 minute free coaching phone session to new individual clients as a sample of my services for a limited time.


I offer coaching phone sessions for 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Please call for current individual privates and packages. Thank you for your business. 443-322-4408.


Invest 100 Days In Patience with me with my private sessions package. "Breathe. Move. Relax. and LetGo."© and watch your current life circumstances manifest into your dream reality in 100 days.


I offer private video phone coaching via FaceTime, Google Duo and Live by pre-schedule appointment 24/7. I offer private in-person coaching by appointment 10am to 3pm Monday through Friday in my private studio in Nottingham MD 21236. Text or call about your preferred day, date and time to book your pre-scheduled appointment 443-322-4408. 

If you choose to take advantage of a free coaching call with me, here are the perimeters and this is what you are agreeing to:

Our first call will be 30 minutes long in total, 20 minutes of free coaching for you to get a feel for what I offer as a sample and then 10 minutes for questions and answers. At the end of the 30 minutes, I will want an answer of YES or NO from you of whether you are ready and committed to start working with me as your coach. If YES, then we will schedule a future coaching session and work together and book it on our calendars right then and I will receive prepayment for your next video phone coaching or in person session, I accept all major credit cards, via InvoiceASAP, PayPal, Square, or right then. If my schedule and calendar allows, then you may choose to continue that video phone conversation right then and there at my current rate, for either 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes pending on my current committed client schedule and we will dive in right then. If time doesn't allow for a longer session, then we will book a future session.

If your answer is NO based on whatever reasons, then as part of receiving the free coaching call, to keep your agreement with me, then I would ask for your positive testimonial and recommendation for my Life Coaching services if you feel that our session was beneficial to you in any way and for you to share your summary of your positive recommendation on Linkedin within 48 hours of what you learned by having me coach you.

The format of working with me is simple, video phone coaching on FaceTime, Google Duo or Live offered by *pre-scheduled appointment 24/7. Yes, I offer in person sessions at my private studio in Nottingham MD 21236. I  understand as a busy entrepreneur, visionary and executive that you have long hours and unusual hours, so I do book appointments to match your preferred schedule. I work with international and national clients. I am currently EST eastern standard time zone. Please be sure to include which time zone you are in so we accurately match up our video phone sessions.I offer 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions and offer packages like My 100 Days in Patience Package. Please call 443-322-4408 to get more details of what this entails. 


I'm more interested in having a live conversation with you over the phone ideally as a video phone call to understand what you need and how I can serve you. Yes, I do offer audio only phone calls to those who don't have iPhones or smart phones. My clients who utilize the video phone either by iPhone or smartphone or via computer communicate having the best results of Life Coaching because of the face to face interaction and ability to share multiple visual techniques. I encourage my clients to be grounded at home or in their office or at a safe quiet location for our coaching call so that the best ultimate outcome may be received. Thank you for your consideration to learn with me and to be coached by me. 

Ann Hyland

I AM: CPLC, BA, GFA, AAS, ERYT, CPR, PMA, CPT, IARFCT, CEO, MA Life Coach | Health Coach | Author | Speaker Yoga Teacher | Meditation Instructor | EFT | NLP | Aromatherapy Pilates Instructor | Dance Instructor Raw Vegan Chef Coach and Trainer Communications Professional | Writer  Graphic Designer | Artist | Photographer Declutterer | Organizer | Minimalist Social Media Influencer FaceBook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest

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I offer private sessions over the phone with Skype or FaceTime. 

I offer private in-person sessions locally in Perry Hall MD.

5004 Honeygo Center Dr #102, Perry Hall, MD 21128



I understand as a visionary and entrepreneur that you are on the go and sometimes have unusual hours and preferred times for meeting clients and setting appointments. I am available to schedule any day or any evening by appointment. I am willing to travel nationwide, travel and expenses additional.

Monday - Friday: By appointment

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: By appointment


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